My 1st Amendment Case in NDNY

This is a little difficult, at this time, to adequately explain – but WHRW radio broadcasts under an educatinal FCC license held by the SUNY Binghmaton Board of Trustees and I was a “disc jockey” at said station. 1st I was suspend for allegedly airing material at 4am which contained the phrase “you’re not worth shitting on” and then after I returned after the suspension I was banned indefinitely for refusing to sign an express policy statement of the station which forbids profanity and indecent speech 24 hours a day – so I sued both under 42 USC 1983.

The NYS AG (Andrew Cuomo, son of Mario) claims that the college board of trustees is cloaked with absolute immunity and cannot even be sued under Ex Parte Young and the court claims sua sponte that the station is a private person.

All media adamantly refuses to report any aspect of this case and I’m trying to raise money by donations of any size ($5 recommended) to cover filing fees, printing costs, possibly my appeal to the 2d Circuit and if necessary to the US Supreme Court; unfortunately my front porch is about to collapse and I’m not well off like the Judge, the NYS AG, the board members &c

And My Space has broken my donation links to Pay Pal so I decided to place that material here and I’m going to attempt to link to it

When time permits I intended to present all pertinent information for discussion here. Suffice me to say for the nonce that when someone forcefully says to you “don’t you talk to me like that boy” and you feel it in your heart and throat and maybe your eyes fly into rapid eye movement for a split second – that person is not only controlling what you say but is forcing you to reprogram your mind to speak in a manner they deem respectable. That is not free speech

The reason your reaction is such is not because your soul was permantly seared and scared by Demonic corruption and the Holier than though person is reminding you or being abused as a child i order to honor authority, it’s because you’re being assaulted – this is probably where the idea of Black Magic comes from – viz., by opulently sheltered Church Lords having some  wretched and diseased peasant telling them fuck you when asked to lay face down i the dirt, kiss their feet , ring or whatever and then the Church Lord experiencing the same reaction as explained above




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